WAPED Business Meeting Minutes 10/29/15

WAPED Business Meeting Minutes 10/29/15

Called to Order: 12:36pm by Lyla Crawford

Call to approve minutes (from Spring 2015). Jamie Hatleberg motions to approve, Rosa Lundborg seconds. One abstention, minutes approved.

Treasurer’s report

  • 2014-15 report presented by Angela Hughes, treasurer.

Old Business

  • Affiliate Support
  • $250 can be spent for a speaker in Spring 2016, or the $250 can be spent on promotional materials. The board proposes lanyards for conference nametags. The cost for lanyards would be $450. Discussion: could WAPED buy blankets?
  • Put to vote – via show of hands the board was not able to determine sufficient interest – tabled for now.
  • Discussed purchase of tags that state “board member” or “new member” or “presenter.” These items are low cost, and membership voted to purchase.

New Business

  • Other option AHEAD affiliate dollars – can have one free conference ticket. Discussed pros and cons – Karma suggested raffling in fall to give people plenty of time to plan instead of spring. Lyla stated that the raffle could be done by email later in the year. Mary Gerard mentioned that she was able to secure funds from a workforce grant to pay for other conference expenses than the ticket. Hope Stout brought up the caveat that it does not benefit the group. Should we require the person to come back and share with the group?
    • Vote: approved, none opposed.
  • Volunteer sought for hosting Fall 2016 – Lyla asked for interested parties to talk to the board.

Good of the Order

  • Al Souma – discussion of difficult student scenarios. Sent out informal survey on the listserve. Reviewed the findings with the group. Proposes to work on list of proposed interventions and strategies. Asking for volunteers to help explore strategies for dealing with disruptive behaviors. Fielded questions and comments.
  • Transition Task Force – update by Bree Callahan
    • Members have proposed an ad hoc committee
    • Creating “transition guidance” on documentation and transition. Asked for members to come to breakout session to give input
  • Hope Stout – Veteran’s Resource – Senator Derek Kilmer asking for input in regard to serving veterans with disabilities. Hope asked for members to send input by the end of November. What do we need? What are we not doing?


  • Please attend committee breakouts
  • Spring conference will be in Leavenworth

Meeting adjourned at 1:32pm