Paul Nolting Speaker Bio

Dr. Paul Nolting has been helping college students with disabilities for 30 years. During that time, he was a disabilities and math lab coordinator, instructor, learning specialist, Title III grant director and consulted with over 100 college campuses on math and disability issues. He is an expert on assessing math learning problems, developing effective student learning strategies, math study skills, accommodations, placement, assessing institutional variables that affect math success, math redesigns, and tutor training. Some of his publications are in the Journal of Developmental Education, the American Mathematical Association of Two-Year College journal and he developed the Math Success Blog. His last two books are Mathematics and Disability Handbook focusing on helping LD, ADHD, TBI, PTSD and wounded warriors improve their math success and My Math Success Plan math study skills workbook. The workbook is for students with disabilities and Wounded Warriors to improve their math study skills and understand how their processing deficits affect math learning. He has also just completed his award winning seventh edition Winning at Math student study skills text and revised his Math Study Skills Evaluation. This research proven textbook and study skills evaluation process has helped thousands of students improve their math success.
In the last few years, he was the keynote presenter for the Florida, New Jersey, Colorado, Georgia, California and Washington state conferences on disabilities. In Georgia, he helped develop their course substitution state policy. His national presentations include conferences like AHEAD, American Mathematical Association of Two-year College (AMATYC) and NADE. His international presentations were in Kuwait at GUST. Last, he was the main coordinator and presenter for the last three National Math Summits co-sponsored by AMATYC and NADE.