Spring Conference 2019 Registration for STEM Allies

Welcome to the WAPED Registration page for STEM Faculty and STEM Tutor Center Directors or Managers (our STEM allies), thank you for your interest!

We are allowing up to two additional registrations from each Higher Ed. Institution for STEM allies, in addition to the three allowed for usual Disability office registrations. Registration for our STEM allies is free. WAPED looks forward to sharing in learning and collaborating toward making STEM more accessible for all!

The fee is waived for all three conference days (Wednesday April 17th, Thursday the 18th, and Friday the 19th) – please let us know what days you plan on attending so we may properly set up seating and other resources. Here is a quick guide to what is happening on each day:
  • Wednesday sessions – Paul Nolting discussing math learning
  • Thursday sessions – Paul Nolting continued, Zach Lattin and Krista Greear discussing math Accessibility
  • Friday sessions are disability office orientated (though we welcome our STEM colleagues)

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