Jane Jarrow “All Creatures, Great and Small… on Campus!”

Speaker Bio: Jane E. Jarrow, Ph.D. President of DAIS

Jane E. Jarrow, Ph.D. has established a reputation for being knowledgeable and articulate in understanding and presenting the issues of importance related to disability in the higher education arena. She is a prolific author and an acknowledged leader in the field. Her professional involvement in this field spans more than 35 years and includes her long tenure as the Executive Director of the Association on Higher Education and Disability (AHEAD). Those who have turned to her for technical assistance or who have heard her speak have remarked on Jane’s comfortable presentation style, her down-to-earth approach to the subject, her ready availability and willingness to assist, and her ability to relate general legal principles to the specific situations encountered in the postsecondary setting.

In Dr. Jarrow’s own words: “I am not an attorney, and I think that is an advantage in the work that I do. I provide technical assistance, never legal advice, and thus I don’t have to couch my statements too carefully. I can — and do — ‘call ’em as I see ’em’ based on my understanding of the law and my extensive experience in the field.”

Presentation Description: “All Creatures, Great and Small… on Campus!”

There are service animals on campus, and ESAs in the residence halls.  There are other-than-service animals requested as an accommodation for the classroom and service animals in training showing up everywhere!  Each of those animals has a different set of legal protections (or not!), and you are the only one on campus who understands how important it is to make appropriate distinctions.  But you are not alone!  On April 28th, Jane Jarrow (DAIS) will join us virtually to help us sort out the differences and craft policies/procedures that can safely guide your institutional response to the growing presence of animals on campus.

Jane has been a friend of WAPED for many years, and participates in our WAPED listserv.  She not only brings a broad (national) perspective to this discussion, but has promised to take some time to help us sort through the Washington state statutes, determining where they overlap and where they extend on protection under federal law.  Jane has assumed the role of “Dog Whisperer” in the field of disability services, and we welcome the opportunity to have her whisper in our ears for a couple of hours.