Linda Clemon-Karp “ADA, Title II, Disability Language and Etiquette”

Speaker Bio: Linda Clemon-Karp, MFA, ADAC; Continuing Education Coordinator, Northwest ADA Center

Linda Clemon-Karp serves as Continuing Education Coordinator at Northwest ADA Center, where she works to increase awareness of ADA protections, guidelines, and requirements by providing training, technical assistance, and outreach to professionals, individuals with disabilities, businesses, state and local governments, and others. Prior to joining Northwest ADA Center, Linda served at the University of Washington’s Disability Resources for Students Office. There, she provided direct service accommodations and training to students with disabilities who required access technology and educational materials in alternative formats. Linda serves on a variety of access, inclusion, and disability-related committees in the Northwest region and nationally with the ADA National Network. She earned her MFA degree from the University of California, Fullerton, and her BA from Roger Williams University, RI. Linda is also a Certified ADA Coordinator (ADAC) and an American Bar Association trained paralegal (CP).

Presentation Description: “ADA, Title II, Disability Language and Etiquette”

NWADAC’s presentation will cover ADA-related topics:

  • ADA Overview,
  • ADA Title II
    • Reasonable modification of practices, policies and procedures (AKA Reasonable accommodations)
    • Parking Standards
    • Effective Communication
  • Disability Language and Etiquette
  • Q & A