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Preparing Student with Disabilities for Post-secondary Education Resources Guide

This resource guide is designed to assist those who work with high school students with disabilities who plan to continue their education in post-secondary institutions, including vocational and career schools, two- and four- year colleges, and universities. Because post-secondary institutions differ significantly from high school, it is imperative that students with disabilities know their rights and responsibilities and self-advocate in order to be successful.

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2 yr to 4 year College Transition Resources

DO-IT’s Moving On: The Two-Four Step

Many of the two-year college students with disabilities who have the desire and potential to succeed in a four-year post-secondary program have difficulties making a successful transition. Challenges relate to their own knowledge and skills and to the differences between two- and four-year schools. This publication elaborates on these challenges and shares tips for success and additional resources to help students with disabilities successfully transition from a two- to a four-year college.

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