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If you have registered for your membership and still need to make a payment, please see the “Payment of Dues” section below – thank you!

Professional Membership

Professional membership shall be open to those persons engaged in the administration of or individuals interested in the provision of services enhancing postsecondary educational opportunities for persons or students with disabilities. Members who join the Association as professional members shall be entitled to continue their professional membership regardless of change in employment and/or responsibility. Professional members are entitled to be a candidate for elective office, vote, have access to the listserv and pay reduced fees for conference registration.

Associate Membership

Any person expressing an interest in the purpose and general aims of the Association may be eligible for associate membership. An associate member shall not be a candidate for elective office or vote. Associate members have access to the email list, may serve as committee members, and pay reduced fees for conference registration.

Institutional Membership

Institutional membership is open to any four (4) professional members designated by the same post secondary institution. Institutional members have the same rights and privileges as professional members.

Emeritus Membership

Emeritus membership is open to a person who was member in good standing of WAPED for at least 10 years and who, while retired from active service in the disability support profession, continues an interest in the field and wishes to remain an active WAPED member. This membership category carries all the benefits associated with Professional or Institutional membership with the exceptions of voting rights and eligibility to serve on the WAPED Board of Directors; payment of a membership fee for this category is waived by WAPED. Any retired member who wishes to serve on the board or retain her/his voting rights would need to join as a Professional member and pay the associated fee.

Terms of Membership

The term of membership shall be September 1 to August 31.

Payment of Dues

Payment of dues shall be made to the Treasurer of the Association. Payments shall be due September 1 of each year. A member shall become inactive for nonpayment of dues sixty (60) days after the due date and shall lose all membership privileges until such time as dues are paid in full.

If you have already registered for the year, and are paying by Paypal, you can get back to the payment page here.  (Please do not pay if you have not already registered!)

If paying via check, please remit Payment to WAPED:

Alice LeFlore
WAPED Treasurer 2022-2024
Tax ID #91-2016488
Please remit payments to “WAPED”
treasurer@waped.org and mail checks to the address below:

c/o Alice LeFlore
UW Bothell DRS
BOX 358555, 17927 113th Ave NE
Bothell, WA 98011

Questions about membership? Click here to email the Board at board@waped.org